Raise Right (Scrip)

Scrip orders are due the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month by 7pm

Everest Youth Hockey (EYH) offers a reimbursement program, using RAISE RIGHT, to help families keep hockey affordable. EYH allows all families to voluntarily participate in this program from April 1st to March 31st.

RAISE RIGHT is a scrip gift card purchase program. These cards are equivalent to and are used just like cash. Use RAISE RIGHT for your everyday purchases such as food, gas, clothes, hotels, and home repairs. Each of the vendor’s gift cards has a percentage listed. For example, if you order a $100 gift card, $100 will come out of your bank account or be charged to your credit card. A percentage of that $100 will be banked and kept track of by our fundraising coordinator. A family’s rebates in total will be reimbursed to them at the end of the hockey season (March).

Each family registered for Scrip will receive a check reimbursement, the LESSER of your child(ren)’s total hockey fees or your rebate earned. (If your hockey fees are $1000 and your rebates total are $400, you will receive a check for $400. If your hockey fees are $1000 and your rebates total $1200, you will receive a check for $1000; and $200 is donated to EYH). Participants in the scrip program are required to be registered on the Everest Youth Hockey website and link their account to their skater’s. EYH reserves the right to send reimbursement checks to any family member linked to the skater’s account. It will be the family’s obligation to disburse the funds amongst themselves if required.

Your hockey fees only include: jersey and sock fees required by the organization, EYH hockey enrollment fees (not USA hockey fees), and fundraising paid out in cash. You will need to fulfill all our fees and fundraising options by the association due date. We will not take in consideration of your banked scrip rebates to pay for any association fees. Essentially, you need to pay your fees before you get reimbursed because we will not have the total rebates earned until March 31st.


Each merchant has its own rules that dictate how the gift cards may be used so be sure you read the fine print. Keep an eye on special Bonuses within RAISE RIGHT. You may receive email notifications or get updates on their Facebook page.


RAISE RIGHT scrip orders are submitted every other week/Sunday at 7pm. Refer to the organization calendar for those dates.


For detailed information about how RAISE RIGHT works or the usage guidelines for a specific retailer, please visit Scrip Gift Card Fundraising for Organizations • RaiseRight. You may also contact our coordinator Josh Baranowski at josh.baranowski@everestyouthhockey.com or 715-216-6484, with any questions you may have.


For those who are new signing up, click on this link:  Enroll • RaiseRight and use the enrollment code  DDCB7A5L29844 .  You may also sign up using the RAISE RIGHT app on your mobile phone.  You must either use a credit card or a direct withdrawal from your bank account in order to submit an order. We do not accept cash or checks.

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