Volunteer Hours

Making EYH The Best It Can Be!

In non-profit sports organizations, the membership must make financial and time contributions in order for the association to succeed. The financial contribution is achieved through registration fees and fundraising. The time contribution is achieved through required volunteer credits. With the hard work and dedication of all the associations' members, EYH will continue to grow and ensure hockey is enjoyed by all participants.

To ensure that EYH continues to function as a non-profit organization that strives to improve & increase the opportunities for families to participate in hockey. The following will be our guideline:

Work Hours

1. Each family is responsible for a total of up to 20 hours.

2. The ONLY exemptions for the up to 20 general hours are contained below:

a. Families with skaters only in the mini-mite program. Members with only mini mite skaters are not required to perform volunteer hours but should be encouraged to still volunteer.

b. See Chart for other exemptions.

3. Hours can be earned from April 1st through March 31st Yearly.

4. Volunteer hours must be completed or scheduled to be completed by the WAHA Play Down weekend (early February). A $50 per hour fee will be enforced for any hours not completed or scheduled by Play Downs. If neither of these is met by play downs then the skater(s) will not be allowed on the ice for play downs or any game afterwards until requirements are met.

5. If a family joins our club later in the season, their required volunteer hours may be reduced. A family member should express their concerns to the volunteer hour’s coordinator and the volunteer hour’s coordinator will forward concerns to the current board for the board to vote on reducing the required volunteer hours.

Volunteer Hour Exemptions % Exempt
Board Members 100.00%
Head Coaches 100.00%
Assistant Coaches 100.00%
Managers 100.00%
Mite Managers 50.00%
Committee Chairs (Non Board Members)  
HOC Parent Rep 100.00%
HOC Parent Rep 100.00%
Mini Mite Coordinator 100.00%
Equipment Manager 100.00%
Volunteer Coordinator 100.00%
Merchandise Coordinator 100.00%
3 on 3 Coordinator 100.00%
Ice Coordinator 100.00%
Recruitment and Retention Head 50.00%
Committee Members                      (Administered by Committee Chairs)  
Fundraising Committee 50.00%
Advertising Committee 50.00%
Jersey Coordinator 50.00%
Mini Mite Gear Coordinator 50.00%
Webmaster 100.00%

Tracking Hours

1. Volunteer hours should be recorded on the volunteer hours reporting form (available on the website) and turned in no later than two weeks after volunteering. During the off season, the form can be emailed or mailed to the Volunteer Coordinator. Please complete the volunteer reporting form even if you have met your required hours. We want to track all the credits that families contribute to determine if the required credits amount is appropriate.

2. Volunteer reporting forms are located on the website under the volunteer hours tab and should be available at each of the events.

3. Members are responsible for signing up for their hours through DIBS. Once the reporting form is received by the coordinator, your volunteer session will be marked complete.

4. When filling out sheets, please, print neatly. If your form cannot be read, you will NOT get credit.

A volunteer hours tracking outline is available on the website under the Volunteer Hours tab. It is your responsibility to verify accuracy. Please contact the volunteer hour’s coordinator via email if you notice a discrepancy.


Volunteer Coordinator   James Meaden   meaden.hockey@gmail.com

Upon completion of volunteer hours, please complete and submit your Volunteer Hours Form to: 

      James Meaden  meaden.hockey@gmail.com 

There is also a manilla folder for completed forms downstairs at Greenheck in a plastic wall pocket down the hallway by the equipment lockers. 

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