Scrip Fundraising

Participation in this program is voluntary. You may order as much or as little as you wish. 


SCRIP is a gift card purchase program. These cards are equivalent to, and are used just like cash. Use SCRIP for your everyday purchases such as food, gas, clothes, hotels, and home repairs. Also use our local hockey supply vendor, Goal Line. 


Each merchant has its own rules that dictate how and when gift cards may be used so be sure you read the fine print. (Example, if you order Best Buy scrip now, the egift card needs to be printed from home, while other retailers allow you to scan the ecard from your phone—TJMaxx as an example). Keep an eye on special Bonuses within SCRIP. You may receive email notifications or get updates on their Facebook page.


At the end of the calendar year, you will receive a check reimbursement, the LESSER of your child(ren)’s total hockey fees or your rebate earned. The organization does not take a cut. 


SCRIP orders are submitted every other week/Sunday. Refer to the organization calendar for those dates.


For detailed information about how SCRIP works or the usage guidelines for a specific retailer, please visit You may also contact our coordinator Amy Schulz or 715-574-0941, with any questions you may have.


(For those who are new signing up, You must contact Amy via email, with the email address you’d like to use. Amy will then send you an invite from SCRIP. Each organization has an enrollment code you need to complete your sign up, which will be linked through the email-invite Amy sends you. Due to security reasons, we will not list our enrollment code on the website)

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